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Top 5 Tips for Impressing A Girl!

1. Get To Know Her! - A good relationship often starts by knowing what they like, what their life is like.
Just don't go too into their personal life as it may be hard for her to talk about it.

2. Look into her eyes! - If you have started getting to know her and she trusts you a lot, then start to gaze into her eyes whenever she talks.
It will give them a subtle hint that you're into them.
Just be careful because if you get lost, you don't know what she's saying.

3. Lead - If she gives subtle hints back (eg: looks into your eyes, moves closer) then start to lead.
If you want to know you love her more then start to stroke her hair and tell her you love her, this should lead onto a kiss.
Be careful, too dry or too wet lips will gross her out.

4. Invite - If you got the kiss, then ask her to go out somewhere to like a cinema, restaurant or anything like that. If you haven't kissed her yet, don't worry, you can still do that. Remember,relationships take their own pace.

5. Gifts - To show you are a good boyfriend is to get people gifts on anniversaries like the 1 month and then the 3 months and so on. Giving gifts to her would impress her and make her impressed that you remember such a date.